Field of Dreams

Sure, badminton’s great, but there are plenty of options for fun on the grass (or the pavement, for that matter).


Game: Players on two teams compete to toss balls closest to a smaller ball, known as the pallina. Strategies include knocking the other team’s ball away from the pallina. Where to Play: Backyards, downtown Providence.
Fun fact: Began in the Roman Empire, later popularized in Italy. Modern team names include Fahgetabocce and Mission Imbocceball.


Game: Two teams throw bags filled with corn onto a raised platform, earning three points by sinking it in the hole in the middle and one point if the bag remains on the platform.
Where to play: Backyards, parking lots, patio of your watering hole of choice.
Fun fact: The game allegedly began with people tossing pig bladders filled with dried beans.


Game: Players hit balls with wooden mallets through hoops or wickets to earn points.
Where to Play: Backyards, the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, the Ocean House in Watch Hill.
Fun fact: White collared shirts are preferred attire in rarefied atmospheres.


Game: Players on opposing teams throw batons at wooden blocks to knock them down, and eventually win the game by toppling the king. Also known as “Viking chess.” Where to Play: Backyards, open fields.
Fun fact: Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has declared itself the Kubb capital of America.

Ladder Golf

Game: Two teams set up two ladders, then toss three bolas (two balls connected by a string) at the ladders and earn points when the bolas get suspended on a rung of the ladder.
Where to Play: Backyards, tailgates.
Fun fact: Also known as Lasso Golf and Norwegian Golf.


Game: Invented in Finland, it’s a throwing game where players use a wooden pin (the molkky) to knock over smaller numbered wooden pins (skittles) for points. A cross between bowling and bocce.
Where to Play: Backyards, Nordic countries.
Fun fact: Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make your own set.