Feel the Burn: Five Fun Ways to Work Out

Because going to the gym can be boring.
Solo Session At The Climbing Centre

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It is time for fitness enthusiasts everywhere to bow our heads and make an admission that we’ve been bottling up inside for far too long. Going to the gym can be boring. This may not be true for every person looking for a way to stay in shape, but as it turns out, going to the gym just isn’t for everyone. Waiting to use a machine and doing the same repetitive workout routines can make going to the gym a seemingly impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of five alternative ways to feel the burn, including some fun group classes and zany workouts.

CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit is a really great way to work up a major sweat using functional movements at a high level of intensity. Rather than lifting weights alone at the gym, joining CrossFit comes with the support of a truly loyal community that encourages and motivates members to perfect their form and achieve their fitness goals. CrossFit centers can be found all over the world; find a location nearest you here. If CrossFit doesn’t sound quite like your speed, try your hand at Olympic Weightlifting with the Providence Barbell club. Join as a monthly member for a four day-per-week program with training under coach supervision. Looking for more information before making a commitment? Providence Barbell Club also offers seminars for both beginner and intermediate-level weightlifters.

Hiking Club

Breathe easy, center back to your inner Zen and be one with nature. Join the Rhode Island Hiking Club for a day that will leave you feeling refreshed from the outdoors and healthy from the exercise. These hikes are intended to be peaceful times to connect with nature, with yourself and with good company, so there are no cell phones or furry friends allowed.

Group Dancing Class

You’re never too old or too awkward to head out on the dance floor and let your feet loose. Head over to the Dancing Feeling in Warwick, grab a partner and let the good times roll. The Dancing Feeling features group dance classes that are a great way to make friends and break a sweat in a non-traditional way. Sign up for ballroom or country dance classes, or partake in a Zumba class to really get a workout in.

Ocean State Hoop Group

You probably haven’t thought about hula hooping since your childhood days on the playground, but one fitness class is fighting to bring centrifugal exercise back into vogue. Join the Ocean State Hoop Group in Warwick to meet new friends, have fun and most importantly burn three to four hundred calories an hour just by shaking your hips and keeping the hoop rolling. Hula hooping improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens the core and tones others muscles indirectly.

Rhode Island Rock Climbers

Rock climbing and bouldering is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing health trends in America due to its significant mental and physical health benefits. It has been found that rock climbing improves self-confidence and improves cardiovascular and overall muscle strength. What better way to reap these benefits than with a group of fellow climbers at Rockspot Climbing in Lincoln Woods? The Rhode Island Rock Climbers are a local group perfect for finding new climbing partners, or head to one of the many rock climbing gyms in Rhody to scale the heights at your own leisure.