Feeding the Hungry (Hopefully)

Last week I attended an inspiring community meeting in Providence. The aim? To end childhood hunger. Though certainly no easy feat, the folks at Share Our Strength have a pretty good national track record, and now they’re looking to expand their reach to Rhode Island by bringing their Operation Frontline program to the state*. So far Operation Frontline — a cooking-based nutrition education program that pairs families in need with volunteer chefs and nutritionists — boasts twenty programs in fifteen states. The classes are super hands-on and deal not only in cups and calories but also in dollars and cents. The model is long-term and self sustaining: teach participants how to cook healthy (and delicious) wallet-friendly meals, and it will lead to a lifetime of good eating.

Right now, the closest OF is in Boston, but the odds are stacked in our state’s favor. There’s enthusiasm (from the Department of Health, Johnson & Wales, community leaders, chefs, etc., etc.) and there’s —gasp — start-up funding. In the next three years OF hopes to expand their amazing program to an additional ten states. Hopefully we’ll be one of them. For more information and to get involved, click here.

*Rhode Island had a short-lived Operation Frontline program in the late nineties.