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Donald Sowa, CFP®, AIF®; Steven Beauvais, CFP®;
Donna Sowa Allard, CFP®, AIF®; Nathan Beauvais, CFP®


When Don Sowa came up with the idea for MoneyTalk Radio, another financial professional warned him off. “He said, ‘if you make a mistake with thousands of people listening, you can’t take it back.’ For me, the opportunity to help thousands of people become smarter with their money was worth the risk.” Twenty-eight years later, MoneyTalk has become a leading resource of financial news and education for radio listeners throughout Southern New England. The CFP® professionals of Sowa Financial Group, Inc. team up to deliver clear and relevant financial advice, both in the office and on the air, weeknights at 5pm on AM790.

*To listen anytime, search “Don Sowa’s MoneyTalk” wherever you get your podcasts.

14 Breakneck Hill Rd., Ste. 202, Lincoln, 434-8090, sowafinancial.com

The Financial Advisors of Sowa Financial Group offer securities through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA.org/SIPC.org, a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisory services offered through Sowa Financial Group are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.