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Aquarium Services
Kurt Harrington, CEO and Fish Guy, Something Fishy, Inc.


The Fish Guy believes aquariums move people in amazing ways! This is evident through his client experiences within the New England market, which utilize aquariums to calm, heal, entertain, innovate, energize, motivate and improve productivity. The Fish Guy, along with his team, has developed a system to simplify aquarium ownership that has resulted in building a client base that includes Google, Mystic Aquarium, Yale New Haven Health, Brookdale, Atria, Genesis, the state of Connecticut and Shark Ninja. Every aquarium he designs is made with professional-grade equipment and is available in varieties of different finishes. This ensures they will be able to accommodate any room in your home. The Fish Guy’s goal is to exceed all clients’ expectations through his culture, F.I.S.H., fun, irresistible, simple, and honest. Through this, he continues to excel in the industry, grow the business and move people in amazing ways!

1185 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, 401-732-9970, SomethingFishyInc.com