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Real Estate and Business Law
Mancini Carter, P.C.


Mancini Carter, P.C. is a passionate law firm focused in real estate and business law. The firm’s goal is to provide exceptional legal service and successful outcomes for its clients.

Mancini Carter is led by John O. Mancini, who has more than twenty years of experience in real estate, business and land use law, successfully representing major corporations, construction companies and real estate developers throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Additionally, the firm encompasses the skills of Thomas P. Carter and Nicholas J. Goodier, who through their careers have gained unique and valuable experience in real estate, business, construction, land use and property tax and assessment law throughout Rhode Island.

Together they bring the litigation, management and counseling skills necessary to provide their clients with the highest level of legal expertise and a superior level of responsiveness, integrity, focus and dedication.

From left: John O. Mancini, Nicholas J. Goodier and Thomas P. Carter.

56 Pine St., Third Floor, The Hanley Building, Providence, 401-343-7000, mancinicarter.com