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Sahag Dry Cutting
Arous Parker, owner, Arous Studio


Sahag Academy Northeast, located at Arous Studio, brings the technique and method founded by legendary stylist John Sahag to Rhode Island. Fewer than one percent of hair stylists can execute the precision and artistry of a Sahag dry cut found at Arous Studio along with fashion forward capitals including London, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

Arous Studio will lead upscale hair salons worldwide in bringing the Sahag dry cut style revolution to East Greenwich and beyond. Joining Arous Parker from the Sahag flagship salons of New York City and Tokyo, Japan, are Johnny Wojtanowicz and Davidé Paté respectively. Together with Arous and her junior stylists, they make up an exclusive creative team, sculpting a unique shape for each client and revealing an eternal modern look. With a Sahag Dry Cut, shape and textures of a hairstyle grow in, not out. Clients unanimously claim that the cut holds its shape weeks longer than a wet cut.

Following a devastating fire in 2017, the phoenix has risen and relocated to a fully renovated 3,000 square foot space at 575 Main St., East Greenwich. This inviting, tranquil, spa like, modern space is the new home for the team of Sahag dry cutting craftsmen, colorists, microblading, lash extensions and more.
They welcome creative, humble and hungry artists to inspire and create a culture where they love their space and enjoy delivering amazing colors, shapes and services to the most discriminating clientele.

From left: Davidé Paté, Johnny Wojtanowicz and Arous Parker.

575 Main St., East Greenwich, 401-884-8818, arousstudio.com