Facebook in the Car?

Remember when the most important thing to do while driving was actually driving? Yesterday CNNMoney ran an article about General Motors contemplating to include a mobile version of Facebook with OnStar that would let users record audio Facebook updates from behind the wheel and listen to a computerized voice read their friends’ Facebook statuses.

While its design is meant to keep drivers’ eyes on the road, it’s hard to imagine that this mobile version of Facebook will come without becoming a distraction. I’m not a patron saint of driving by any means; but, I make sure to always signal my turns and check my blind spots. I’d hope fellow drivers would give me the same consideration instead of updating their Facebook status to say something unimportant like "Joe Smith is on his way to the mall." This OnStar Facebook just seems like a high risk, low reward type thing where the cons heavily outweigh the pros.

Can you imagine getting into an accident that involves Tom Brady and injures his throwing shoulder while perusing mobile Facebook? New status after that: "Joe Smith is the most hated person in New England."