Expert Tips for DIY Wreaths

Who needs a bow when you can source pods and mushrooms from your own backyard?

The air turns cold and I crave Fraser fir. Candles just don’t do it; I need the real thing, sappy and tufted.

Wreath-making is a fine way to get a little more face-time with the season’s signature smell. So I caught up with Semia Dunne, owner of Flowers by Semia, for expert tips. Here’s what she had to say:

  • “If you’re making your own wreath, it’s all about creating a very sturdy base first, because you’re going to want to put your own deco on it  materials that speak to you,” Dunne says. “That could be a grapevine base, or a very plain evergreen wreath that you buy and decorate. You can also add your own fun greeneries.”
  •  “One of the most popular things right now is not doing a full, round, evergreen wreath. It can be more creative or fun to use grapevine and asymmetrically add in evergreens and eucalyptus and olive.”



  • “We love ribbon, don’t get me wrong, but we also love non-traditional items like wool or scarves. We’ve also been adding non-traditional decor like antlers.”
  • “Another big trend is foraging for your own materials. We’ve been adding ilex berries but also dried pods and mushrooms things that have dried up from the fall. I have the good fortune of having some land, but it can be as simple as pulling off into some wooded area that isn’t private property and foraging there.”
  • “I’m also loving horizontal swags. They hang by a ribbon or felt so that once it gets pulled it forms a triangular shape.”



If you’re not up for the DIY task, Dunne is hosting a holiday open house at her studio at 1 Sims Avenue in Providence this Saturday, December 10, from 2 to 6 p.m. Wreaths and swags will be available for purchase, as well as giftable accessories from NAVA and Above/Below Jewelry.