Experience Mysterium at the Providence Public Library

Every October, the library transforms into a haunted manor.

TEN31 Productions is collaborating with Providence Public Library to turn it into a haunted manor. It’s all a part of the library’s third annual fundraising event, Mysterium, the Eternal Masquerade, on October 28 at 7:30 p.m. But don’t expect zombies and mummies to come out of the woodwork. The event is “Halloween-inspired,” according to TEN31 co-founder and Providence Public Library board of trustees member Joe Pari. The goal of the event is to immerse people in a theatrical experience while highlighting the unique collections and the building itself. “Generally, when the library hosts special events, only the historic portion is open, but we open the entire library for the night,” says Pari. Like last year, part of two floors of book stacks will become a maze. To pull off the elaborate event, the creative team begins the planning process immediately following the previous year’s event. The first step is hitting the books — literally. TEN31 draws inspiration from the library’s special collections, including classics, but also incorporates less familiar characters, tales and ephemera. It is up to Mysterium guests to discover the evening’s theme, as they piece together an intricate series of clues hidden within interactive performances and decor. Another clue? The attire. This year, go for a “Casbah feel,” and dress in Arabian Nights-worthy wear. Black and white clothing is encouraged and masks will be provided. provlib.org