The Flying Karamazov Brothers

The Flying Karamazov Brothers are a continuing experiment in comedy, theatre, music and, of course, juggling group. From the beginning, it has been their intention to blend the worlds of performance art, improvisation, word play, harmony, emotion and above all virtuosity into a unique form of theatre and entertainment.

And they mean to entertain. Taking their cue from Shakespeare, they bring art and accessible entertainment to the stage. Comedy is their bread and butter and they layer it on so that children of two or ninety-two will laugh at the same moment for very different reasons.

Each of the Brothers brings his area of expertise to their enterprise. Mark Ettinger (Alexei) is our resident musician, composer and conductor. Rod Kimball (Pavel) is the master juggler. Paul Magid (Dmitri) is the writer, director, and founder. Stephen Bent (Zossima) is exceptionally tall and adorable.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers play at the edge of their ability but to a purpose. Their main contention is that errors make them human but by working together they approach the divine. For them juggling is dropping.

They continue to grow and learn. Their intention is expand the horizons of comedy and entertainment.

Tickets to this event include an additional $5 Historic Restoration Fee which assists in restorations and repairs of the Greenwich Odeum. When purchasing tickets online, an additional $2 convenience fee per transaction will be applied. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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