Eating Out(side)!

On gorgeous days like this I want nothing more than to get out of the office and score a seat outside. April is still early for sustained warm temps, but many area cafes and coffee shops are hauling out the tables and chairs. It may have been awhile since you last dined outside, so here’s a quick list of five can’t-miss casual favorites from contributing editor Karen Deutsch. Got other places you’d recommend? Post them in the comments section below!

Olga’s Cup and Saucer
103 Point St, Providence, 831-6666.

Let’s face it, when the extreme heat of summer comes, you want to sit in the shade during the early afternoon hours. Olga’s offers both against a backdrop of sparkling soda, toasted sandwiches and freshly baked pizzas. Wash it down with an iced mocha and you’ve marked your spot for another half an hour.


Crazy Burger Café & Juice Bar

144 Boon Street, Narragansett, 783-1810,

Al fresco for the crunchy crowd and the meat-eaters. This casual south-side favorite offers vegan burgers, smoothies and scrambled tofu for the former but still slings out the all-beef patties and chicken wings for the rest of us.


Sunnyside Daytime Dining

267 Water Street, Warren, 247-1200,

Go by car. Or go by boat (soon enough, we promise!). Go for breakfast: chorico and potato hash with poached eggs and hollandaise. Or go for lunch: local cod tacos with avocado and housemade salsas. Just go — the view, overlooking the Warren River toward Barrington, is too perfect to pass up.


Bliss Natural Grocer and Café

311 Broadway, Newport, 608-2322,

Talk about stopping traffic! Enjoy your morning coffee and afternoon salad at one of the few tables perched outside Bliss Natural Grocer and alongside one of Newport’s main roadways. The lemon ricotta pancakes elicit envy from passing Beemers, as does the cobb salad with grilled salmon.


Venda Ravioli

265 Atwells Avenue (DePasquale Square), Providence, 421-9105,

Some people sit outdoors for air; others to watch the people enjoying the air. Venda is Providence’s place to watch the world go by with plate of antipasto. Bonus: sometimes the local opera company serenades diners by the fountain.