Drop And Give Me Ten

I’ve been working on a short weight loss piece for our (post-holiday-binge) January issue that centers around all things self improvement. While weight loss issues obviously come in all shapes and sizes, I’m most interested in shedding that dreaded last ten (or perhaps fifteen) pounds. To guide our readers through the process, I’ve enlisted the help of Dr. Vincent Pera; he’s the top guy at the Miriam’s Weight Management Program, so I can ensure you that this piece is not going to be about any of those crazy fad diets (all set with the grapefruit). His approach is totally practical and goal oriented and he deals with the issue from both physical and behavioral angles.

I’m not going to give away any secrets – you’ll have to spring for the January issue. But I will tell you that yes, it is actually, factually harder to lose that last ten pounds; it’s not just in your head. So go ahead, eat that fruitcake, toss back the bubbly. When all the merriment has ended, we’ll have a plan to drop ten lbs in ten weeks (hint: that’s a healthy goal).