Drink Smart on New Year’s Eve

Rhode Island-based vodka brand, KEEL, offers five drink recipes made with its lower-proof spirit.

The KEEL Puritan Punch

We are looking forward to New Year’s Eve, but along with a great night out, we also need to think about safety. When you plan your night out, please be sure to include a designated driver in your plans, or stay the night somewhere, so that no one has to worry about being on the roads during what can be considered a dangerous holiday for drivers.

Many of us like to have a few cocktails, especially on New Year’s Eve, but no one wants the hangover on the next day. This Rhode Island-based vodka brand, KEEL Vodka, offers a lower-proof alcohol that has the same flavor and quality as other spirits brands, but with half the alcohol content and calories. If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party, this is a good alternative to other potent booze.

KEEL was created by native Rhode Islanders, founders Bill Dessel and Tom McGowan, who teamed up with former New England Patriot and three-time Super Bowl Champion, Matt Light, to offer a new vodka brand for those who pursue a balanced life of fitness. Dessel and McGowan grew up near the ocean and around boats, hence the name for their vodka company.

KEEL has provided some drink recipes for New Year’s Eve, including Puritan Punch, the Resolution Martini, the Cold Brew Keeler, the Older Wiser Mule and the NYE Recovery.

Remember to drink responsibly, but if you or someone else really needs a ride, call Uber  or Lyft, or the Providence firefighters, who are offering Safe Night. The Providence Firefighters are offering rides home from city bars and restaurants within city limits between 6 p.m. on Sunday and 7 a.m. Monday. Call  401-272-7999 and expect delays.

KEEL Puritan Punch (serve hot or cold)

1.5 oz KEEL Vodka

.75 oz red wine syrup

.5 oz dry sherry

.75 oz lime juice

Shake and serve over ice

Garnish with torched rosemary and a lime wheel


KEEL Resolution Martini

2 oz KEEL vodka

1 oz white cranberry juice

.5 oz rosemary simple syrup

.25 oz lime juice

Shake and serve up

Garnish with frozen cranberries


The Cold Brew Keeler

Cold Brew Keeler

1.5 oz Keel Vodka

1.25 oz cold brew concentrate

.5 oz dry sherry

.25 oz Amaro

Orange zest

Shake and serve up or on the rocks


KEEL Older Wiser Mule

1.5 oz KEEL

2.5 oz Kevita Ginger Kombucha

2 oz Kevita Lime/Coconut Kombucha

.5 oz simple syrup

Squeeze of Lime

Mix and serve

Garnish with fresh mint and a lime wheel


KEEL NYE Recovery

1.5 oz KEEL Vodka

1 oz pineapple juice

Top with 3 oz Motto Sparkling Matcha

Mix and serve



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