Don't Miss the Newport Kite Festival

The popular event is taking place July 9 and 10.

Photo by Alexander Nesbitt

All strings are in place for the Newport Kite Festival, July 9 and 10 at Brenton Point State Park. A 150-foot King Cobra wows kite enthusiasts taking in aerial works of art soaring across the great blue yonder. For more than twenty years, guests have enjoyed the rainbow of shapes, sizes and colors brightening the aquatic backdrop. The festival’s head organizer, Ron Kitt, owner of the Kitt Kites mobile store at Brenton Point, says the festival started in the 1970s. “In the beginning, it used to be more of a competition rather than a family-friendly event. Now it is more of a kite-flying demonstration than a competition and people like that,” he says. The free festival involves gigantic kites dominating a beautiful landscape, with prizes for children from Kitt’s store. Guests can look forward to new appearances every year. “The big kites are impressive to any age group,” says Kitt. A blue whale will be swimming through the sky for the occasion, at a monstrous ninety feet in length. Nothing says summer like the long sun-kissed days of flying a kite, as the breeze sweeps it up, higher and higher.