Doggie Yoga

Some of our readers may have noticed that we’ve been running a cute pet photo contest, and as someone who lives with two cats, it pains me to point out that the majority of the 560 (!!) very cute contest photos are of D.O.G.s  So as a public service to our dog lovers, I’d like to direct you to Doga Outdoors, a yoga class for owners and their favorite four-legged friends, offered by yoga instructor and certified veterinary technician Jennifer DeAngelis, and her dog, Little Dog. The sessions include a thirty-minute walk, followed by a meditation and outdoor yoga class to help strengthen that doggie-human bond and create a calming effect.
As for the possibilty of yoga for cats? Not so much, according to DeAngelis. “They don’t like to follow rules,” she says. Tell me about it.

The Details
Dates: July 25, August 22, September 26
Time: 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Fee: $20 per session; preregistration required
Where: meet at All That Matters parking lot
More information: All That Matters, 315 Main Street, Wakefield, 782-2126