Do Good

Goodbye, cabin fever. This winter, we’ve rounded up sixty-five ways to do stuff you love (decorating cookies, reading to kids, throwing a party) for a worthy cause.

In this article:

  • Get Cooking. It doesn’t matter if your skills are prepping, packing, baking, serving or grocery shopping, local organizations could use an extra pair of hands.
  • Be Kind to Animals. Local rescue organizations and shelters have a number of volunteer programs, many with a minimal (and flexible) time commitment and a kid-friendly policy. Whether you love cats, dogs, horses, birds, farm animals or lobsters (really!), there’s a volunteer opportunity for you.
  • Take it Outside. True-blue New Englanders can pitch in all year long to help environmental organizations. From preserve-monitoring to Citizen Scientist programs (kid-approved), we have nine ideas for outdoorsy types.
  • Turn the Page. Book-lovers can get involved with local literacy programs for kids and families.
  • Be Creative. Nursing homes, day centers, arts programs and human service agencies seek volunteers as entertainers or to teach creative pursuits. Need inspiration? We provide a sampling of ideas.
  • Start Small. Desperately seeking mentors! We found many ways to work with kids in need, whether you’ve got a free lunch hour or a weekend afternoon.
  • Share Your Expertise. You’ve got skills, they’ve got bills. Local non-profits are always looking for people to pitch in around the office and help with special events to keep their costs down. We highlighted some big areas of need.
  • Throw a Party. Event planner extraordinaire Kibbe Reilly shares some secrets for planning a successful fundraiser.

Plus: Four volunteers tell us how they give back — and why it’s the best time they make for themselves.

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