Dirt under my nails

If, like me, you’ve been seized by the desire to grow veggies this year (or, in my case, fruit – I think I’d be happy with nothing but tomatoes) then it’s time to start planning for this weekend’s big event.
No, not Mother’s Day, although that’s nice too. Looming large the day before is the URI Spring Festival down at East Farm in Kingston. This is the place where you can get discounted composting bins – and as the last hold-out in my family, I think I’m ready to start composting. There will be all sorts of ornamentals and veggies to browse (48 different types of tomatoes!). There’ll also be free workshops, vendors galore, soil testing and a children’s tent with kiddie-styled demos on worms and growing things to eat. Oh, and free chowder for all.
Having spent Sunday turning the soil in my tiny backyard plot and building a raised bed to deal with lead issues (the joys of urban gardening!) I’m too sore to do much more for a few days. But by the time the Festival rolls around, rain or shine this Saturday, May 9, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., I think I’ll be ready to do battle again. And in the meantime, I’m saving my corn husks and melon rinds.