Dinner and Live Entertainment at Rooftop at the Providence G

Enjoy a safe and comfortable dinner and a show experience all winter long.

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2020 brought obvious hurdles to the restaurant industry in the name of keeping the community safe. With changes to service standards, capacity, and logistics, came a need for restaurants to evolve to meet diners’ new expectations.

The Rooftop at the Providence G, a premier dinner and entertainment venue in Providence, has recently unveiled a brand new menu and interior design, meant to better suit the needs of guests who dine outside of the home during the pandemic.

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The updated menu takes a new American approach and features elevated dishes like a scallop and short rib appetizer, mussels with house-made sausage, duck & fig flatbread, lobster milanese with risotto, and Painted Hills beef and broccoli.

“Because of the current climate and people, understandably, going out to restaurants less and less, we created a new menu that feels a little more elevated than what we did over the summer,” said executive chef, Will Weaver. “This way, if people only go out to dinner once a month, they can have a special experience on the rooftop with unique flavors and the highest quality ingredients.”

Provg 5Provg 2Not only did the menu get a makeover, but the space itself did, as well. What used to feel like a summer resort destination, now feels more like a dinner destination with comfortable furniture and fixtures featuring warm tones of gold and caramel. The furniture updates lend themselves perfectly to viewing live entertainment from a table.

“It was important that we update our aesthetic along with our menu to remain relevant as dining trends have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Rebecca Miller, director of operations. “We’ve always been known for our live entertainment, which we’ll continue to emphasize all winter. And because guests must remain seated at their tables during a musical performance, it is important that the furniture and ambiance make them as comfortable as possible. We hope people feel they can relax and watch a show right at their dinner table.”

The rooftop’s signature firepit tables and private igloos continue to provide unique dining experiences for guests who prefer more private or outdoor seating.

The Rooftop at the ProvidenceG is open for dinner seven nights per week. For details on entertainment programming, please visit rooftopattheg.com/liveentertainment. For reservations, please visit rooftopattheg.com/reservations.

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