Deck Out Your Bar Cart for the Holidays

These ideas will keep you fully stocked.

Candlesticks, $128 for the set, Hollies, Barrington. End table, $620, O and G, Tray, $30.95, Hollies. Tumblers, $9 each, Stock, Providence. Martini glasses, $13 each, Stock. Flutes, set of 4, $32, Stock. Bar cart, top shelf: Fords gin, $29.99, Bottles Fine Wine, Providence. Bucket, $126, Hollies. Barbera Frizzante sparkling wine, $13.99, the Savory Grape, East Greenwich. Prince charming bottle opener, $19.75, Frog and Toad, Providence. St. Germain, $34.99, Bottles. Triple Eight Vanilla Vodka, $29.99, the Savory Grape. GTD Craneberry cranberry liqueur, $31.99, Bottles. Bar towel, $10, Stock. Middle shelf: Clement Creole Shrubb liqueur, $29.99, Bottles. Cherries, $24.99, Bottles. Straws, $7, Stock. Tumbler, $30 for the set, Barrington Books, Barrington. Bang Candy pumpkin and spice syrup, $6, Stock. Whiskey glass, $24.99, the Savory Grape. Shaker, $38, Frog and Toad. The Drunken Botanist, $19.95, Homestyle, Providence. Bottom shelf: Rebel Mary peanuts, $8, Homestyle. Candy dish, $42, Hollies. Cutting board, $35, Stock. Simon Pearce decanter, $225, Barrington Books. Dolin Rouge vermouth, $11.99; Rothman and Winter Orchard pear liqueur, $24.99; Chartreuse, $29.99; bitters, $5.99, all at Bottles. Bar cart, $199, Cardi’s Furniture, various locations.

Clockwise from top left: Knife, $12, Stock. Tumblers, $9 each, Stock. Tray, $30.95, Hollies. Tongs, $19.95, Hollies. All-in-one tool, $39, Stock. Shaker set, $52, Stock. Napkins, $6.50, Homestyle. Shot glasses, set of 4, $25, Frog and Toad. Picks set, $28, Hollies. Muddler, $18, Stock. Bottle opener, $8, Frog and Toad. Whale stopper, $26, Hollies. Urban Moonshine maple bitters, $15.49, the Savory Grape. Spoon, $4.50, Stock. Oyster bottle opener, $50, Jigger, $9, Stock.

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