Decidedly Unfrivolous Fashion

This whole recession thing has shoppers feeling seriously conflicted. On the one hand, it seems the only way we’re going to even begin digging our way out of this mess is if people get over their fears of the figurative sky falling and start spending. On the other hand, the act of shopping for material goods is as gauche as bragging about wealth these days. Rich New York housewives have turned to the Internet to procure their Louboutins for fear of being spotted purchasing them in person. Even high-end online retailer Net-A-Porter has gotten in on the action: They offer a “discreet” packaging option, where orders in the UK are delivered in an “unbranded, recycled brown paper bag.”

But I think even the average shopper is feeling a little bit of that guilt creep up every time they hand over the plastic, the what ifs and uncertainty of the future squeezing the fun out of treating yourself.
I’ve (reluctantly) been trying to cut back myself, staying away from retail temptation as much as possible. That’s why I’m so thrilled about an event going on tonight in downtown Providence. Organized by students in Barrington High School’s Future Business Leaders of America club, it’s a fashion show featuring goods from many local stores –– including Striper Moon, Pink Pineapple, Feminine Fancies and Stalise. High schoolers and kids are modeling both casual and formal wear looks, and the best part is that all proceeds from the event go toward the American Cancer Society and college scholarships. It’s also a chance to get some window shopping in, without the guilt or temptation of setting foot in a store. Recession or not, this is fashion we can all feel good about.
The Details
Tickets: $35 for adults, $20 for students
Time: Tonight at 6:30 p.m.
Place: Providence Marriott, 1 Orms St.