Dating Update

So, for any of you who loved the real-life dating diaries in this issue as much as I do, here’s a little treat: an update from the 25-year-old marketing assistant who was crushed to find that the guy she liked had been seeing his old girlfriend on the side while dating her.
Things have gone much better for her recently. Here’s how (note, Sally is not her real name): 

So Sally now has a boyfriend (who we can call “Harry”) who she met in Newport shortly after she moved there (not Harry Porter from her diary – that fizzled!). They started getting together just as friends, as he was one of her newer friends in the neighborhood she met through a mutual friend (the musician).
She really wasn’t sure if he was interested in her, but enjoyed the company of him and his roommate. She was feeling like she’d had it with dating, and put a stop to all the going no-wheres.
But the two went to dinner and a few parties together. He asked her if she wanted to help volunteer selling raffle tickets at a Newport Gulls game for a nonprofit that he was involved in. Then he took her on a picnic…to one of the most amazing places in Rhode Island to picnic. Harry told Sally to keep it a secret…so we can’t disclose that info. He told her to be outside her house with her bike at 6 p.m. They biked to the secret location and he laid out a blanket, poured wine, cut the brie, and they munched on homemade pasta (made by Harry!). Sally was speechless. They talked for a while, walked around the secret place, and biked to watch the sunset. They have been seeing each other ever since (three months now!).
They continue to volunteer together, and occasionally venture out to the secret picnic place for special occasions. That is how Harry met Sally. We asked Sally out of all the guys she was dating…why Harry? She replied, “Harry made me feel special. He went of his way, and thought about things that I might like. I didn’t think I would be interested enough to be serious at first…or maybe I wasn’t sure if I even wanted a relationship. But, what was all that dating for?”
We then asked Sally if she had any advice. She replied: “Don’t look for a boyfriend, look for new friends. Be happy with just meeting great people (new girlfriends and guy-friends). Give people a chance, even if sparks don’t fly at first. Dive in anyway. Force yourself if you have to. Be patient, and if he or she is a good person, and you are having fun, enjoying company and conversation – then be happy with that! Something is more apt to develop from that, and if not, then you have met good people, who just might know someone else ;).
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