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Break out your summer whites for a game of croquet at the Ocean House in Watch Hill. Under the guidance of croquet pro Teddy Prentis, players swing wooden mallets at one-pound balls, aiming to score through six wickets (or hoops). In addition to light-spirited lessons and friendly games, this world-class court will host a number of official summer tournaments. From August 25 to 27, the Ocean House will hold its fourth Croquet Invitational. More than thirty competitors of various skill levels participate each year at the private event. “We’ve had a few world-ranked players attend,” says Lauren Nigrelli, the Ocean House’s member relations manager. Later in the summer, the hotel will welcome more than sixty players ages fifteen to thirty for the Special Olympics croquet tournament open to the public September 6 and 7. “We set up a little cauldron and they walk in with torches and each team is announced,” says Nigrelli. Private court time and lessons with Prentis are also available to hotel guests Tuesday to Sunday through the beginning of October.