Cluck! Farm and Garden Supply is Moving to Cranston

Shop the final sale this week and weekend, and stay tuned for a late-February reopening at Drake Patten's farm.

Cluck’s sign comes down to prepare for its move. Photo from Cluck’s Facebook page.

Shop and visit during the final days at Cluck Farm and Garden Supply on the West Side of Providence. After five years of timeworn battles with the church across the street, the store has to move to make way for a parking lot. It puts a real-life spin on Joni Mitchell’s “they paved paradise and made it a parking lot.”

The church bought the property from Cluck’s former landlord, and so they must make the move. But all is not lost. Cluck is preparing to relocate the store to owner Drake Patten’s beautiful farm in Cranston. Hurricane Hill is located between 295 and Phenix Avenue at the southern edge of Cranston. It’s a suburban location but there are lots of fields, pasture and waterways to keep the animals happy, and for the store to continue serving the public as a resource for urban and suburban farming and gardening needs.

While Patten searched for locations to remain on the West Side, she ultimately decided to move it to her farm. “Our need for outdoor space made this a very hard search and being without the down payment to own our own place, our options were limited,” she wrote in a July 2017 newsletter sent to Cluck customers. “Plus, after our experience on Broadway, we found ourselves dreading triple-net leasing and/or investing in upgrades to someone else’s property.”

The farm is only twelve minutes away by car from the Broadway address in Providence (the new address is 684 Natick Avenue, Cranston). And the move will allow Cluck to make some changes and refocus efforts. “As city as our roots are, we have learned from our customers that our ‘urban’ tag leaves out those who live in the peri-urban: areas increasingly identified as critical to the future of food in countries all over the globe,” Patten wrote in the newsletter.

This weekend, Cluck’s final sale will continue with more than 40 percent off remaining goods (some exclusions apply). There will also be a Thank You Party on Saturday and Sunday, January 6 and 7, for people to shop final markdowns and help the owners pack up the rest of the boxes.

Cluck plans to be out of the store completely on Monday, January 8, and it hopes to reopen in Cranston by the end of February. Feed customers will have feed in Cranston during that time, but they need to set up an appointment.

Cluck is seeking volunteers to help out with the move during the final days. Let’s show Cluck! some love and say goodbye to the old digs and hello to big things to come this winter.



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