Celebrate Summer with Five Rhody Beach Products

Your hair and skin will thank you for it.

You’ll go to the beach, you’ll sit in the sun and you’ll frolic into the cold blue drink. My, how great you’ll feel  and look! It’s a veritable fact: Rhode Islanders rock the beach look best.

But then, you’ll go home, look in the mirror and wonder when, exactly, you transformed from a glowing beach god/dess to a just-boiled lobster in a seaweed wig.

It doesn’t have to happen this way, friends. Rock reef-safe sunscreen, repair your salty hair, keep the buggers at bay and more with these locally sourced products for summer.


/content/uploads/data-import/6f/6fd88c617f24db1cc35d7cc5cc3471f1-81sqGGeohoL.SY606.jpgEco Tint Sunscreen, $15.99

Who makes it: Raw Elements, developed by former Narragansett Beach lifeguard Brian Guadagno.

Why it’s awesome: Not only does this little stick pack some potent protection (SPF thirty; water resistant up to eighty minutes), it’s also “reef safe” (read about the havoc sunscreen wreaks on coral reefs here), non-GMO and doesn’t sting the eyes. The best part? It’s tinted with a one-shade-fits-most color, so you look less “dad at the beach” and more “dad bod at the beach.”

Where you can get it: On the website, on Amazon or in person at this new, great swim shop in Warren, United Republic Affair.


Hair Repair, $10

Who makes it: Shore Soap Co., operated by Newport-based husband and wife duo, Jake and Stephanie Kopper.

Why it’s awesome: This glossy, coconut scented spray is perfect for the day trip-turned-night on the town. Keep it in your beach bag, spritz some on your salty hair and, voila: beach waves without the crunch. (For those who can’t make it to the beach but crave the look, Shore Soap’s Atlantic Sea Spray does the trick.)

Where you can get it: On the website or at the Shore Soap Co. storefront, 302 Thames St., Newport. Warning: You’ll want to buy one of everything.


Skin Soother Cream, $8-$12

Who makes it: Farmacy Herbs, founded by herbalist Mary Blue, who sources her herbs from her West Greenwich farm.

Why it’s awesome: A day with a little too much sun is inevitable, and this blend of vitamin E, coconut oil, rose hydrosol, shea butter, lavender and other ingredients cools the skin and adds much-needed moisture. I also love that it doesn’t contain aloe, which often leaves the skin feeling too tight after application  exactly what I don’t want after a day playing the sun, sea and sand.

Where you can get it: At the Farmacy Herbs shop, 28 Cemetery St., Providence.


/content/uploads/data-import/ab/ab24b59a3339999b707ad8d4cb22edb1-il570xN.7742059259jc1.jpgLavender Citrus Deodorant Cream, $12 for two ounces

Who makes it: Sage and Sea Apothecary, a small-batch bath, beauty and home product line handcrafted by Kendalyn Eldredge in Saunderstown.

Why it’s awesome: If you’re not stinky in the summer, you’re not doing it right. Kendalyn’s creamy, easy-to-apply deodorant combats eau de beach volleyball without aluminum or animal products, and she’ll customize blends to omit baking soda if you’re sensitive to it.

Where you can get it: Sage and Sea’s Etsy shop.


/content/uploads/data-import/be/bec8e617a0c1426747b0d7b0aea5f022-tansynella-800x980.jpgTansynella Organic Bugscreen, $18

Who makes it: Farmaesthetics, a local brand with a national following that was founded by Brenda Brock.

Why it’s awesome: Citronella is a truly underrated scent. This fresh-smelling oil blends citronella, eucalyptus and rosemary to keep insects, mosquitoes and (harmless, but annoying) black flies away. The ingredients are organic and the product doesn’t contain deet, so it’s safe for the little ones, too.

Where you can get it: On the website or at the Farmaesthetics skin care boutique, 144 Bellevue Ave., Newport.