CAV Restaurant Owner Sylvia Moubayed Dead at Eighty

Moubayed opened CAV twenty-eight years ago as one of the pioneers of the Providence restaurant scene.

A photo of CAV’s owner Sylvia Moubayed, viewing last month’s eclipse. Posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

It has been reported by local media that Sylvia Moubayed, owner of CAV restaurant in Providence, has died unexpectedly at age eighty. Moubayed opened CAV twenty-eight years ago, and it is one of the pioneers of the Providence restaurant scene. She received the “Member of the Year” award from the Providence Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau in 2013. The restaurant has been recognized as one of the five best in Providence by The New York Times, and is especially renowned for its atmosphere which includes antiques from all over the world.

The name CAV is synonymous with cave, and the magical design — with its priceless art, historical bar, lofty thirteen-foot ceilings and brick walls — is meant to resemble a French mansion’s wine cellar. But CAV also stands for Cocktails, Antiques, Victuals. A visit includes not only reasonably priced and outstanding cuisine, but warm greetings by staff and a peek at one of the most impressive international antiques collections in the state.

Cav closed temporarily yesterday, but plans to reopen today at 11:30 a.m.


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