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Strawless by the Sea Launches in Newport

The finest restaurants to the smallest coffee shops are eliminating plastic straws and stirrers because of the harmful effect they have on the environment.

Clean Ocean Access’s marina trash skimmers collected more than 650 plastic straws from Newport Harbor over the past eight months, and they’ve removed over 2,000 straws from the town’s beaches in the last five years.

5 Farms to Visit for Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

The season is short, but the berries will soon be ripe for picking (and eating).

Strawberry season is a short and fleeting time from mid-June to early July. As quickly as the berries emerge and ripen, they are gone just as fast. Be sure to head to one of these local farms so you can pick-your-own ruby red jewels off the vine and incorporate them into pies, shortcakes, salads or straight from stem to mouth.