Living in a Tiny House

A Burrillville Couple Creates a Minimalist Retreat

Dan and Jess Sullivan live in a tiny house — 128 square feet, to be exact. The couple started building the wooden structure on wheels about two years ago, constructing a flat roof and elevated shelves to make the most of the space, nicknamed the Pod. “It has this illusion that it’s much roomier,” says Jess Sullivan. “People joke about…

Lock, Stock and Daria Bruno

Meet the radio host and firearms instructor.

“You can’t vilify the firearm; it’s the person behind it,” says Daria Bruno, who teaches individual and group personal firearms instruction. A hunter who eats what she kills, the Smithfield resident also hosts a weekly radio show, “Lock, Stock and Daria,” Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon on 920 AM WHJJ. Your gun passion was triggered in Louisiana, where you…

Protecting Our Past

Dedicated volunteers find and preserve Rhode Island’s many historic cemeteries.

Evelyn Wheeler, seventy-five, is quick with a handheld GPS device and a weedwacker. The Narragansett resident serves as one of the commissioners for the Rhode Island Advisory Commission on Historical Cemeteries, whose mission is to study the location, condition and inventory of historical burial grounds. “There are more than 3,500 documented cemeteries in Rhode Island,” says the volunteer, adding that…

Acting the Part

Hollywood acting coach Howard Fine gives back to Rhode Island College.

A young couple is fighting. As with most confrontations, nuggets of truth throb in their angry words. For the audience watching in the Forman Theatre at Rhode Island College where these drama students act out the fight, it’s painful to see the raw emotion. But not for Howard Fine, observing intently and scribbling notes with a metallic pen on a…

Soap Support

After a tragic fire, a community helped Travis Family Farm rebuild.

The Travis Family Farm is Rhode Island’s very own phoenix, rising from the ashes to national success. The Scituate family’s young entrepreneur, twelve-year-old Rachyl Travis, started making soap from surplus goat milk four-and-a-half years ago. Her sister, Jaklyn Travis, taught her the soap-making process and guided her in launching the business. What started out as a hobby is becoming a…

Len Cabral

The storyteller’s folktales teach children modern-day lessons.

Storyteller Len Cabral stands in front of a crowd of fourth and fifth graders sitting on the floor of the gymnasium-turned-lunchroom at the Greenwood School in Warwick. His waist-long dreadlocks swing as he raises his shoulders, takes a wide stance and clenches his hands like the paws of a gigantic black bear. You can almost see the slender man bulk…

Chase Away the Winter Blues

Rejuvenate in Raffa Yoga's treatment rooms.

Go from zero to 160 degrees in a flash at Raffa Yoga complex in Cranston. Just when the winter doldrums set in, the active relaxation center rejuvenates you with six treatment rooms featuring saunas, a steam room and even a grotto filled with 18,000 pounds of Himalayan rock salt, the benefits of which are said to help cure the sniffles….

Endless Abilities

Zack Bastian stars in the documentary, Endless Abilities.

When Zack Bastian, twenty-eight, who grew up in South Kingstown, isn’t in his wheelchair — the result of a dirt bike accident in 2003 — he’s doing things you might not expect from a paraplegic, including surfing Rhode Island waters and skiing up north. Add to that a focus of a documentary, Endless Abilities. In 2012, Bastian and three young…

Flower Power

Get a whiff of spring at the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show.

It takes three-and-a-half days, 200 tons of stone, 700 yards of mulch and enough sod to cover a football field to put together the twenty-six gardens in bloom at the annual Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center. This year’s family-friendly theme is Garden Adventures, taking place February 19 to 22 with hands-on activities…

Nicholas Lowinger

The teen’s Gotta Have Sole Foundation provides shoes to homeless children and teens.

Five-year-old Nicholas Lowinger had just gotten a new pair of sneakers — the kind with light-up heels — but his mother, Lori Lowinger, suggested that he dim his excitement, at least for a few hours. He was on his way to visit the Rhode Island Family Shelter in Warwick. His mother said they were about to meet children who might…