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Entertaining with Claudine

Claudine Pepin and Rollie Wesen throw a backyard dinner party — one for the books — at their home in Barrington.

“Dad, are we having caviar?” asks ten-year-old Shorey Wesen, daughter of Claudine Pepin and Rollie Wesen and granddaughter of the legendary French chef Jacques Pepin. Shorey’s barefoot and swinging from a rope tied to a tree in the backyard of the family’s modest Colonial home in Barrington, where they’ve lived for three years. The house is painted yellow but in…

All in the Family

If there’s one common ingredient in every Italian dish, it’s heritage.

Everything comes from or pays respect to those who tilled the soil and eventually sailed the seas to bring their cuisine across the Atlantic. It’s only right that chefs from around the state pay tribute to the grandmothers who sparked their love of cooking. We persuaded them to share their favorite recipes.   From Richard Sardella, Sardella’s Restaurant, Newport. One…

Hill Hotspots

Cindy Salvato’s Savoring Federal Hill Tour offers a behind-the-scenes experience at Providence’s best Italian bakeries, markets and more.

Find out what to  buy and learn must-stock ingredients for every culinarian. 1. Antonelli’s Poultry, 62 DePasquale Sq., 421-8739. 2.  Scialo Bros. Bakery, 257 Atwells Ave., 421-0986, 3. Costantino’s Venda Ravioli, 265 Atwells Ave., 421-9105, 4.  Roma, 310 Atwells Ave., 331-5000, 5.  Gasbarro’s Wines, 361 Atwells Ave., 421-4170, Don’t miss these additional Hill spots, not…

Fresh Pasta 101

Nothing is more representative of Italian cooking — or more revered — than pasta. Sure, dried is convenient, but the experience of eating fresh pasta is the reason Italy is worth a culinary pilgrimage across the world.

  At Fatigati’s in Portsmouth pasta maker extraordinaire, Greg Fatigati, shows us the art of the meal.   1. Knead dough until smooth, adding water if it’s too dry or sprinkling flour if sticky. Rest at room temperature an hour. 2. Using a pasta maker, roll small portions of dough through several times to reach desired thickness. 3. and 4….

Little Italy

Little state, many options. Rhode Island offers culinary portraits of Italy in every corner of the state, each with its own take on its regional cuisines. Here are 25 of our favorite restaurants.

PROVIDENCE Al Forno 577 South Main St., Providence, 401-273-9760, What It's Like: RISD meets Northern Italy in this Providence mainstay. Downstairs is brighter but the homey upstairs with its warm tones and fireplace is a cozier affair.  What To Get: Seriously? Pizza.  Italian Indulgence: The enduring indulgence will always be the Baked Pasta with tomato, cream and five cheeses. …

Burger Bliss!

In a test of taste and digestive agility, we sampled the best burgers in the state — from the turkey patty to the two-pounder and all the condiments in between.

Messy, drippy, or cheese-laden, often casual, sometimes luxe, few dishes are as bodacious as the burger. From a modest turkey patty to an indulgent two-pounder of Angus beef, we sampled 46 creative variations from all over the state . So break out the bib, bring on the condiments and dig into Rhode Island’s favorite comfort food!   The Classic Served…

Cheap Eats

Learn how to feast by spending the least with grab-and-go and bar food options, gourmet grub for less and ethnic bites for the global diner.

So, where can we get a good, cheap meal around here? Lots of places! We’ve been keeping track of tasty, affordable options across the state for our guide, featuring three different categories for the eater of everything: grab-and-go and bar food options, gourmet grub for less and ethnic eats for the global diner. Get ready to feast while spending the…

Beer Me!

A truly good brew requires much more than malt, hops, yeast and water. So grab a cold one and drink in all the places, people and pints that are priming our little state to make it big in the beer world.

Rhode Island has a burgeoning beer scene that’s only getting better. Bars and pubs are pouring desirable ales and stouts from breweries near and far, local startups are making a name for their suds on a national level, and DIY brewers are uniting over their homemade IPAs and porters. In fact, Rhode Island’s brewers earned a total of ten awards…