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The Best of Rhode Island

RIM publisher John Palumbo riffs on "Rhody Classics" and our annual awards.

Soozie SundlunWith the Red Sox home opener days away, permit me to quote the great, late philosopher of baseball, Yogi Berra. “Nobody ever goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” That’s the “Rhodeyland” mentality about some of the state’s legacy restaurants, which have not only survived but thrived, thanks to consistency and excellence in the service and in the kitchen. Most…

March Is All About Transportation

Enjoy the Rhode, says RIM publisher John Palumbo

Permit me to paraphrase Henry Ford who was asked about the research methods — or lack thereof — for the predecessor of the so-called horseless carriage: “If I asked all my customers what they really wanted, the answer would have been faster horses.” Let’s face it: Travel, like food, health and politics, is one of those ubiquitous topics we can’t…

February Is All About Beer

Don't worry, be hoppy, says RIM publisher John Palumbo.

Almost anyone I know who experienced Greek life in college during the ’70s can appreciate the bizarre happenings, outlandish stunts and characters in the 1978 cult classic, Animal House. From John Belushi’s portrayal of the ne’er do well, Bluto, to Donald Sutherland as the pot-smoking philosophy professor, the movie took every stereotype to the most outlandish and humorous extreme. The…