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Narragansett Beer is Back

The century-old company is brewing in Rhode Island once again.

Jeremy Duffy is leading a grand tour of Rhode Island’s future beer mecca, Isle Brewers Guild (IBG). The “craft cooperative” —  a full-service brewery and taproom and “food and beverage campus” —  is a sprawling, multi-building, 130,000-square-foot complex at 461 Main Street in Pawtucket.  It’s also the new home of Narragansett Beer, which will make its long-awaited return to being…

Ann Hood on Tragedy, Fame and Her Favorite Stories

The Rhode Island-based author has a gift for exploring the human condition.

Life has been good to Rhode Island native and author Ann Hood. She is a prolific, popular and more-than-occasionally bestselling writer of novels like The Obituary Writer, Places to Stay the Night, Waiting to Vanish, and many more, her success taking her around the world to talk about the books her readers embrace. But life has also been unimaginably hard….

The Rhode Island Red Awards

Our annual guide to the dumbest moments of the year.

There are so many deserving recipients of this year’s Red Awards dedication, we were stumped over whom to single out. The Warwick cat running for president? The yoga pants guy? The ill-fated Pokemon hunter? Then, like a devoted parent, we realized that they, and the rest of the Reds we’re saluting, are first among equals for recognition. Thanks guys, and…

Small Businesses in Rhode Island

These family companies have what it takes to withstand the test of time.

Photography by Mike Cevoli, James Jones and Chris Vaccaro   If small business is the backbone of our economy, family-owned businesses are its connective tissue, passing down entrepreneurial success from one generation to the next. Whether it’s fashioning jewelry from lustrous Tahitian pearls or serving up spicy wieners all the way, these Rhode Islanders share their ups and downs and…

The Evolution of the Providence Journal

A new editor is shaking things up at the ProJo. Can the paper be saved?

In 1980, the Providence Journal Company published a 494-page hardcover titled The Providence Journal: 150 Years. In some ways, the book was a straightforward institutional autobiography. One chapter described how the paper reported on the fall of the Alamo, the rise of Abraham Lincoln and the 1861 attacks on Fort Sumter that sparked the Civil War. Another recalled how Stephen…

Rhode Islanders of the Year

Meet the women, men and kids who have done the Ocean State proud this year.

There are plans for a pedestrian bridge, and a much-publicized proposal to build a baseball stadium was scuttled after many residents cried foul. The parcels of vacant land made available by the relocation of Interstate 195 in Providence are some of the highest profile potential developments in Rhode Island. But to Adam E. Anderson, a practicing landscape architect who teaches…

Running in the Family

Our parents can influence us in unexpected ways, and that can be a good thing.

My father was born on the Fourth of July. Until he died in 1997, every Independence Day I woke to the sound of John Phillip Sousa marches, the smell of Italian sausage and burgers cooking on the grill, and the sight of my patriotic father with a spatula in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other, humming…

They’ve All Come to Look for America

How Syrian refugees found a home in Rhode Island.

Clockwise from left: Sadia al-Hariri poses for a photo in her home in South Providence. Kefaya shares a secret with big sister, Lina. Raeda, Wafaa and Mahmoud sit together in the living room. The al-Hariris arrived in America under the shroud of night. They were exhausted. Most of the seven kids cried straight through the thirteen-hour flight from Egypt to…

Deepwater Wind Goes Live

The historic project is the country's first offshore wind farm.

It is hard to know where to begin a story about the five-turbine wind farm built off the southeast coast of Block Island. The most obvious angle is historic. Our little state, which gave the world religious freedom (after Roger Williams defected from Massachusetts in the 1630s) and the Industrial Revolution (with the construction of Slater Mill in 1790s), is…