Catch a Last-minute Show This Week

Four Legs to Stand On and The Hotel Plays are two interactive theater performances.

Cast members from Four Legs to Stand On; Inset: Ana Bess Moyer Bell.

If you’re short on plans this weekend and love theater, you’re in luck.

The fall tour of Four Legs to Stand On, a play following one family’s struggle with a child’s opioid addiction, is opening Thursday, September 14. While the father suffers from cancer, their son (or daughter) battles a drug addiction in the bold and thought-provoking performance. Both are in anguish, but only one receives sympathy while the other is shamed. The play challenges preconceived notions that the audience may have on this public health issue and encourages the community to change the status quo – and to reach out to people who may be struggling with addiction. The performance runs thirty-five minutes, followed by a talkback with the actors and playwright, Anna Bess Moyer Bell of South Kingstown.

The play is presented by COAAST, a Rhode Island nonprofit with a mission to eradicate the opioid epidemic through arts-based, educational, therapeutic and community-driven approaches. For more information and dates regarding Four Legs to Stand On, visit The Sept. 14 show will take place at the Westminster Unitarian Church in East Greenwich. All shows are by donation.


Photo by Christian Scully/Design Imaging Studios.

Meanwhile, the Spectrum Theater Ensemble, in association with Trinity Repertory Company, is set to perform the production, the Hotel Plays, September 14 to 16 at the historic Barnaby Castle in Providence. The performance will weave together four short plays and scenes from two iconic playwrights: Tennessee Williams and William Shakespeare. In the “hotel play” format, established by the Tennessee Williams Theater Festival in 2009, the audience moves from room to room inside the mansion along with the ensemble members to create an interactive, hilarious and heartbreaking production. The Hotel Plays will be performed as a fundraiser; all proceeds go to the Spectrum Theater Ensemble, a new nonprofit theater company, and to the Barnaby Castle. Tickets are $75; however, Saturday’s performance includes a post-show reception and will cost $150.

Both productions, while vastly different, will satisfy any theater lover’s passion for performance.



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