Carpe Ashes

It’s two weeks until Labor Day, the bookend of summer (but hopefully the start of a good Indian summer this year, since we’re kinda owed). And there’s even less time – ten days – until school starts.
The good news is that the weather forecast looks great. There’s still plenty of baseball season left. And (talking of drawn-out and semi-incomprehensible summer sporting traditions) England just won the Ashes! If I were back there right now, I’d doubtless be in the pub, with several Pimms and a Ploughman’s lunch in my future. But this is Rhode Island, so I’m going to celebrate with a nice cheap bottle of vinho verde and homemade lobster rolls at the Rustic. (It being moulting season in a year of bountiful lobster harvests, I got some soft-shell lobsters off a boat in Point Judith yesterday for $4 a pound. Oh yeah.) Yay for England, and yay for Rhode Island. For me, at least, a reminder to seize what’s left of summer in our lovely little state.