Show and Tell: Hanging Art with Candita Clayton

The Pawtucket-based gallerist offers tips for displaying art like a pro.

Candita Clayton

Mix It Up

When selecting art, Clayton says that while more traditional paintings and photography have their place, don’t be afraid to consider mixed media pieces as well. Here, she pairs two such works with a mid-century chair wrapped in a cheery textile for a throwback feel. “It just feels fun. It says that somebody fun lives here,” Clayton says. Mixing mediums throughout your home, rather than sticking to one or two types, can add a lot of visual interest, Clayton advises. When combining different mediums in the same grouping, an easy way to create cohesion is by picking pieces that use similar colors or textures. If you have doubts about how to configure an arrangement, put down a neutral backdrop, like a tablecloth or bed sheet, and lay everything out on the floor before you commit to hanging. And if you start hammering and change your mind? “Sometimes you have to make an extra hole and that’s an easy fix and not the end of the world,” Clayton says.

At left: Hanging here are mixed media works (vintage images, acrylic and resin) by Estelle Chojnicki. The chair is covered in Balanced Design fabric, the side table is by Studio Dunn and the ceramic vessels are by Tiffany Adams. Photography by Howard Chu.

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