BYOB Wine Tasting

This has to go down as one of the best small-fundraiser event ideas I’ve heard in ages.
The Providence Community Boating Center is kicking off its 2010 wine tasting series this Thursday, with an evening centered around California whites. The center runs the boathouse down in India Point Park, a gorgeous spot to take a sailing lesson, and this is their genius fundraiser idea, as explained by the good folks at Greater City: Providence

If you’ve never been to a CBC wine tasting before, all the more reason to join us! It goes like this:

  • Your team of up to 3 people bring 3 bottles of the same wine*
  • We serve 2 of them (blindly) and put 1 in the prize pool
  • At the end of the night, vote on your favorite wine
  • If your wine gets voted as most favorite, you win all the 3rd bottles. The more people that come, the bigger the prize pool – Tell your friends!

*We specify the varietal, the rest is up to you. This month the varietal is “California White”. Yes, it’s a broad topic, but that should be fun! Please bring 3 bottles of the SAME California White.

For the rest of the details, check out the CBC event page or find a team mate and RSVP at this facebook event.

We suggest a donation of $10 per person upon arrival.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to winter shut-down of the boat house, this event is NOT at CBC!
Please join us at: Working Planet Marketing Group, 131 Wayland Ave., Providence, RI 02906

(They’ve apparently been doing this for a while, as this is series no. 15. And why not? Sounds like a good time. When the events start happening at the boathouse, add a fabulous location to the mix.)