Burrito Affair

Things get steamy at a seaside shack

I had an affair this weekend…with a burrito. It wasn’t your typical Mexican restaurant, classic burrito, but one found at a seaside burger shack/beach bar. I never try adventurous food when I eat out, but tired of ordering grilled chicken or turkey burgers, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I realized I’d never really eaten a burrito before and decided tonight was the night.

It came on a serving platter rather than a normal sized plate and was the size of two burgers sitting side-by-side. Its soft, folded-in sides puffed out like a new pillow, showing no signs of under-filling. The lightly colored tortilla was sprinkled with freshly sliced tomatoes and red onions and stared back at me, wanting to be sliced open and discovered from the inside out.

I was overwhelmed at first by three fistfuls of hand-cut shoe string fries and a bowl of steamed vegetables that came in place of the coleslaw I refused to waste. However, after a deep breath, I carefully cut into the masterpiece, and it welcomed me with a cloud of steam and an avalanching pile of the most wonderful foods that could be paired in order to produce this massive burrito: sautéed mushrooms, grilled chunks of chicken, perfectly cooked black beans, melted Monterrey jack cheese and translucent slices of onion. It took me over an hour to eat the burrito alone, taking each bite slowly and enjoying every single flavor that melded into it. The waitress never rushed us and kept serving me great margaritas with the right amount of salt on the rim.

And where did this amazing dinner take place? On Great Island Road in Galilee at a place called Buster Krab’s. This place was what I dare to deem as perfect. Its tropical shack-inspired atmosphere was like something out of a movie, with a hut roof, bamboo chairs and bar, wide open deck and a view of the bustling port. The back wall adjacent to the bar was completely open to the outside deck where I was seated, and the look was complete with colorful umbrellas and tin beach buckets filled with all the condiments. Did I mention the flip flops covering the ceiling of the bathroom? Not only was it picturesque, with lovely service, but the restaurant wasn’t jammed pack with screaming children and college frat boys fighting over beer. It was a great place for a date, where two can watch the sun set over the harbor as the last of the boats drive in from their day at sea.

Jenn Walker is an English major at Rhode Island College and a summer intern in our editorial department.