PVD Bumper Cars Roll into Warmer Days

After mid-March, the attraction will hit the pavement through spring, summer and fall.
Bumper Cars
Kyle Auclair

Bumper cars are the icing on the cake at the Providence Rink at the Alex and Ani City Center. Not only can you still ice skate, but you can also experience the first outdoor rink in New England that offers bumper cars on full or partial ice through mid-March. After that, the amusement will turn into regular bumper cars on the smooth concrete surface through the spring, summer and fall. Providence’s bumper cars on ice gained worldwide fame after the viral media site Bored Panda posted a segment on it, and news organizations across the United States and as far as Great Britain have covered it. “I knew people were going to be excited, but I had no idea people would be this excited about it,” says John Rotatori, general manager of the Providence Rink. “It’s great to know that not only is it Providence that’s enjoying it, but we are having a considerable outreach of folks that are coming in and enjoying Providence.” The cost is just over $12 per person for twenty minutes on the bumper cars. Ages three to six or shorter than forty-two inches may ride with a parent. Private, full-ice bumper car rentals are also available. theprovidencerink.com