Budget Antiquing

I’m slowly working my way through Megan Fulweiler’s March cover story, “Tag Sale,” in search of great home stuff on the cheap. (It’s taken me a while because summer weekends are reserved for boating, not shopping.) Among the many things I’ve headed her advice on: terra cotta planters from Job Lot, a rug from Building 19 (an especially necessary buy if your cat has a tendency to use a carpet as a scratching post); and sheets from Matouk Factory Store. My most recent discovery occurred on a long overdue trip to New Bedford, specifically to New England Demolition & Salvage. As Megan mentioned in her write-up it has football fields’ worth of clawfoot tubs and fabulous old doors, windows, shutters and mantels. But it also — and I didn’t know this — has a pretty impressive selection of antique furniture from dining tables to headboards and everything in between. On my visit I picked up a beautifully restored Empire style dresser in mint condition. I won’t tell you what I paid for it (there’s no need to boast!), but you should definitely check out this place for yourself. Often. 73 Cove Street, New Bedford, Mass., 508-992-1099, nedsalvage.com.