House Lust: A Stunning Asian-Inspired Compound in Bristol

This perfectly sculpted dreamland is on the market for $6 million.

The tea house is what got me.

I follow the Barrington-based Andreozzi Architecture on Instagram, and last week the firm posted a photo of a stunning open-pavilion tea house overlooking the bay. The design was inspired by the homeowner’s trip to Bali, because of course it was.

I couldn’t help but wonder: Was the rest of the property as majestic, as romantic, as well-appointed as this one structure? Yes, fellow House Lusters. Yes, it is. I used my super-sleuthing journalistic skills — i.e. Zillow’s “keywords” tool — to track down the tea house and whatever might surround it. There it was: a glamorous Bristol Highlands property that looked as if it was dug up from the South Pacific, craned over sea and land, and dropped alongside Narragansett Bay.

Little Bali by the Bay. In Bristol. It’s a beautiful, alliterative thing.

The property, as it stands now, is comprised of four lots with a main house, guest cottage, tea house and a “Glass House” for entertaining. Residential Properties is offering two separate listings for the compound: one with the “Glass House” for $8.5 million and one without it for $6 million.

Without further ado, here’s your House Lust:

For more information on the property, call 401-457-1321 or visit

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