Bounce with Jounce: Johnston’s Trampoline and Barre Studio

Up your workout game with trampoline-based exercises for a session of cardio, weight training and core strengthening like no other.

Photo by April Federico.

At Jounce Fitness, fitness fiends and beginners alike can up their workout game with trampoline-based exercises for a session of cardio, weight training and core strengthening like no other.

I walk into the studio and am greeted by the owner of Jounce Fitness, Chelsea Eccleston and her mother. Chelsea shows me around the studio, disco lights flash overhead. I gather a resistance band, light weights, heavier weights and a medicine ball to use for the workout. Since I have done personal training including some heavy lifting in the past, I decide to push myself out of my comfort zone and use heavier weights. No matter what your comfort level is when working out, there is several weight options for everyone to use.

Photo by April Federico.

Disclaimer: this is not a beginner class. I attend the Jounce fitwork class, an intermediate session that incorporates intervals and a full-body workout. Howevere, there are several different types of Jounce classes including Jounce mania, Jounce beginner, Jounce pro and Jounce cardio. Pick your poison!

The warm-up is simple: just light bouncing. Then, we integrate high-knees, twists and side-to-side jumps all while on the trampoline. Incorporating arm work with bouncing is a bit more complicated than I thought it would be, but Chelsea gives us the option to hold onto the barre that is conveniently attached to each trampoline.

April on a trampoline at Jounce Fitness.

There are also moments when we step off the trampoline to do both arm and leg workouts for full-body exercise. I throw a malleable medicine ball to the ground to squat and pick it up, use resistance bands around my legs to perform sumo-squats and I move side-to-side with my knees bent for more lower body training. I take the lighter three-pound-weights I am using and fuse them into the trampoline workout. Lighter weights rather than heavy weights are used for this portion to prevent shoulder injuries. Next, I take my six-pound-weights and put my upper body strength to the test. I do bicep curls and basic arm rises to pump the iron.

We all rise to the plank position for more endurance training. It is an uplifting session when Chelsea plays upbeat tunes to get our bodies moving. During the cool-down, she plays an inspirational speech and I feel empowered.

After class is over, I sit down with Chelsea and ask her why she incorporates trampolines into workouts. She explains that she studied sports medicine at Bridgewater State University and worked directly with division one athletes. “I was introduced to the use of trampolines in sports rebounding. Using them is very low-impact and a lot of athletes who I have worked with had injuries between their knees and lower-back. So, trampolines help with people who have had these kind of injuries,” she says. “If you look up sports rebounding and the nature of it, you will find that the body is going against gravity which helps to release all the toxins. This is why you will see in my classes we start with the the nice, low bounces on the trampoline and then release into higher jumps. This type of workout also works your digestive tract, reduces cellulite and it doesn’t focus solely on the weight-loss.”

The trampoline class at Jounce Fitness is much different than spenging time at the local gym and it is a great way to work out in a new and exciting way. Classes are open to both men and women and the first class costs only $10. 39 Putnam Pike, Johnston,



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