Bounce into Elevate Fitness in Middletown

GoFlo Bungee Cord Fitness is a new workout trend that is here to stay.

I walk in from the rain to the recently opened Elevate Fitness studio in Middletown, where my eyes are immediately drawn to several bungee-like ropes hanging from the ceiling. I shed my jacket and rain boots and receive a friendly welcoming from owners and instructors, Kathy and Kyle. A small group of their students shortly follow suit; they make their way over to the bungee cords and are ready to start the hour long GoFlo Bungee Cord Fitness session.

Before we get started, Kathy hands us a Fitmetrix heart rate tracker. The band, which goes around your chest and lies gently on your breast bone, tracks your heart rate while working out. The results, which include your heart rate, calories burned, etc., are shown in real-time on a screen in the front of the studio. Your section on the screen will change color according to your heart rate zone – and yes – Kathy can see if you are working hard enough. Can you say motivating? 

I make my way over to a bungee cord, slightly nervous because I have never been a workout class kind of girl, but I am also somewhat at ease, because hey, how difficult can this really be? “The front band should sit snuggly against your hip bones,” says Kathy. “Press your thumbs in between your hips and the band, take a step and lean forward. Get some resistance on those bands so that you are in a standing planking position.”

Most of the time, I am on my toes and contracting my calves, stomach, back and butt muscles, even when I don’t necessarily notice it. Each exercise Kathy walks us through, whether it be jumping squats, jumping lunges, jumping jacks or skiing, a.k.a. jumping from side to side, my body is constantly working… But it’s fun. And it is not just because I am exercising in a way that is new and exciting to me; it is also the balance of this seriously challenging workout while Kathy and Kyle keep it enjoyable and keep us laughing. 

My favorite exercise is when my face is less than a foot away from the floor (weird, I know) while in the bungee. I can do several push-ups – where I clap my hands in between each one, at that – and I think to myself: it is actually fun to do push-ups… followed by: did I actually just say that?

Sitting in the bungee as if it were a swing is equally amusing. I move from side to side using my own momentum to do a great deal of pull-ups and chin-ups, which disclaimer, I can’t even do one regularly because I am totally lacking in upper arm strength. But again, GoFlo Bungee Cord Fitness makes working out more enjoyable and is a great low-impact workout (meaning it’s easier on your joints).

The most challenging part of the class is getting used to the bungee and as Kathy says, “just having faith that the bungee will hold you up.” Or so that is what I thought. The bungee cord fitness class makes it feel as though I am working out, but maybe not intensely as I would at the gym using machines and free weights. I am dead wrong and am totally feeling it the next day, because my arms, abs and legs are just plain sore. But the class is fun. Like really fun. Plus, an hour felt like twenty minutes and who doesn’t love that?

I also receive an email of my results based on my Fitmetrix heart rate tracker. Heart rate of 146 beats per minute (bpm), 500 calories burned and several points for staying in the metabolic orange zone (where you burn calories and your metabolism kicks in) while working out. Score!

I have the chance to chat with Kathy after the class is over about her journey into the world of fitness, Elevate Fitness and the classes they offer and what bungee cord fitness enthusiasts can expect when signing up for a class.


How did you get into business, specifically the fitness aspect?

I used to work at a pharmaceutical company until I became pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t want to keep traveling back and forth out of New Jersey, so I decided not to be involved in the corporate world anymore. I went and got my spinning certificate and got started on my fitness journey twenty-two years ago, although I have always been an athlete and into working out. It just came naturally to me. I started at the Newport Athletic Club where I ran their spinning program for about four years. Then I started teaching boot camps and went to the YMCA, followed by Pulse Newport which we opened in 2010. I was there for eight years and boom! I came here and opened the doors to my business in twelve days.

What exactly is Bungee Fitness and what are its health benefits?

GoFlo Bungee Cord Fitness is truly the future of suspension training because it is all core driven and is a great way for people with joint issues and injuries to work out – It’s low impact and is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. We have even worked with people who need rehab on the bungees, as it translates well for them. Essentially it is a fun way to work out, but more challenging than I think many people realize. While you may be focusing on an arm workout, the bungee allows you to work your core at the same time too for multi-purpose training. Plus, we are the only people in the North East to have this set up!

What does the studio schedule look like as far as classes that are offered?

We are known for our boot camp classes that primarily focus on HIIT workouts, cardio, strength training, etc., and we also do beach camps down by the water. Bungee fitness has been an added bonus to include in our class offerings.

To sign up for a class or to learn more about GoFlo Bungee Cord Fitness (and why I loved it so much!), visit the Elevate Fitness website.        


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