Block Island Update

I was lucky enough to visit the island last weekend with family, and there is a new restaurant: McNamara’s, adding a fourth point to what used to be the Bermuda Triangle of Yellow Kittens, Captain Nick’s and the Albion Pub.
This doubtless won’t make it any easier to get out of the Corn Neck/Ocean Ave intersection late on a Saturday night, but there’s hope; McNamara’s serves food, good food, so drunk drivers and the police who hunt them may calm down a little on a full stomach. Or not. It is Block Island during the summer, after all.
But back to the focus: McNamara’s opened Memorial Day weekend in a new space opposite the Block Island Grocery on Ocean Avenue. The menu is still being refined, but the prime rib that was on it that first weekend was awesome, and the lobster tacos this last weekend were delicious. (As a side note, lobster tacos – what a great idea! Can’t believe I haven’t seen them before.)
The interior is lovely, all burnished wood with a beautiful sheet of hammered copper on top of the bar. There’s a full drinks menu and the restaurant promises to be open year-round, offering a new refuge for people, like me, who like to go there in the off season. Best wishes to Leslie and Robb Boutin, the owners.
Across the street, Captain Nick’s is now under the ownership of long-time music director Marc Scortino, and he’s made some great changes. Upstairs, which used to be a sort of barren mezzanine with no focus but the balcony overlooking the band and dancefloor below, is now a lounge full of comfy sofas and potted plants. On quiet weekday nights, Marc closes off the downstairs area and sends people upstairs, where he plays the piano (he’s really good) and the bar offers a new wine list. Good stuff.
I get to go out again at the end of the month so I’ll report back before the season starts in earnest in July.