Bleed for This All Over Rhode Island

Find out where in the state Vinny Paz's biopic was shot.

We have long known that Vinny Paz is a special guy. But in select theaters starting November 4 (November 10 in Rhode Island), the story of the Cranston-raised, five-time world champion boxer will be told around the world.

That’s the date of the release of the Martin Scorsese-produced, Miles Teller-starring biopic, Bleed for This, which, with the exception of some archival footage, was filmed entirely in the Ocean State. So, while you watch silver-screen Vinny Paz return to the ring after a near-fatal car accident, keep an eye out for a few familiar sites.

The Location: Twin River Casino, Lincoln
The Scene: Rhode Island’s only full-fledged casino stands in for Las Vegas.

The Location: Route 12, Scituate
The Scene: While the actual accident took place on Route 1 in Warwick, Bleed for This filmmakers shot on rural roads west of Providence.

The Location: St. Mary’s Feast Society, Cranston
The Scene: In the film, Vinny’s father, Angelo, learns of his son’s accident via TV news, while playing cards in this Cranston gathering spot — the same place the real-life event happened twenty-five years earlier.

The Location: Kent Hospital, Warwick
The Scene: The exteriors of the hospital really haven’t changed much since the early 1990s, when Vinny was treated after his accident. This made it the perfect place to shoot the film’s hospital scenes, including the installation of the boxer’s famous metal “halo” neck brace.



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