Best of Rhode Island Bookstore, Get Rid of "Little Rhody"

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

“Best of Rhode Island,” August

Thank you for including independent bookstores in your “Best of Rhode Island” yet again this year. Since most of us are both the best and the only in our area, it is especially nice of you to include us in the poll. I know I’m not alone in my gratitude as your magazine helps to keep us in the eyes, minds and hearts of the public and reinforces our importance in our communities. And our numbers are growing: First Barrington Books Retold, then the Savoy and now coming to Providence this fall, Riffraff, a bookstore bar!

Judy Crosby
Island Books

19 Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July Weekend,” ridaily June

In the Bristol Fourth of July Parade story you state, “…there’s plenty going on here in little Rhody.”

First, Rhode Island is not “little,” unless you are referring only to square miles.

Second, it is not the smallest state in population.

There are seven states with less population than Rhode Island and even more with major city population less than that of Providence.

Additionally, there are many states with fewer historic sites, fewer major universities/colleges, fewer many things that count far more than square miles.
I work for a major international corporation and travel to more than forty cities a year. I can tell you this term is embarrassing, not accurate and not helpful.
I urge you and all Rhode Islanders to stop using the silly term “little Rhody!”

Steve Castiglioni