BankNewport: 10 Miler Training

How two Rhode Island Monthly editors are preparing for race day.

An email pops up in my inbox this morning, the subject line reading “One Month to Go!” We are twenty-nine days, twenty-two hours, thirty-two minutes and thirty-eight seconds away from the start of the BankNewport 10 Miler. On Sunday June 3, my fellow co-worker, Jamie Coelho and I, will be running the ten-mile race from start to finish, together!

Training for the race!

I typically enjoy running as it can be a stress-reliever or when I have free time and want to get my butt-in shape, but by no means am I a ‘runner.’ By this I mean, I’ll run a 5-K here and there or I’ll hop on the treadmill for a quick thirty-minute session, but this is my first big race. I don’t run religiously and I surely don’t take part in races very frequently, especially long ones. Until now, that is.

Jamie on the other hand, ran the Boston Marathon six years ago – and yes – she is a 2012 finisher. I am intimidated to run the race to say the least, but she has been nothing but encouraging. And I think in some small way, that goes both ways. Within the six years that Jamie crossed the finish line on Boylston Street, she has had two kiddos and hasn’t had much time to work out. By challenging and encouraging one another to complete this race, Jamie and I have both found the time (and energy) to go to the gym or hop on the treadmill after work. Even when we can’t run together, we update each other on many miles we are completing and how much time it takes us to do the run.

So how did signing up and training for this race come about? It was around Marathon Monday when Jamie and I talked about her experience with the marathon. It got us thinking about running a race together and that afternoon, we signed up! The workplace is truly a great space to challenge your friends, but to also motivate one another to stay healthy and in shape, even if that means just going for a walk during lunch break.

Back in the game! @Newport10miler here we come with @srlabrecque. We got this!

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The first week of training I knew I was totally out of shape by my heavy breathing and stopping after just one mile. I was discouraged because I thought I would have been able to run a little longer, but within two weeks, I slowly eased my way into it. I typically run shorter distances on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights after work, with Sunday being my long run day. (I even sneak in a walk or hike here and there!). It personally helps keep my training balanced and gives my muscles enough time to recover without feeling like I am over working them. We have been training for about five weeks now, and I have completed a long run of just about five-and-a-half miles.

Quick weekend hike at Blue Hills Reservation.

I didn’t think that I would be able to run even four miles, but with some determination and some encouragement from Jamie, within less than one month, I have seen (and felt) my legs carry me even further. Don’t get me wrong– I have my days where it feels like I can’t run any more or the cramping in my muscles is severe. But with just about one month left, we are continuing to work out and push ourselves in order to reach that ten-mile marker on race day. I will make it to that finish line, but until then, I’ll keep running! Follow our progress as we train and how we compete on race day.

The race will begin and end in Fort Adams State Park, and will travel along Ocean Drive on the beautiful coast line of Newport, and past the mansions on Bellevue Ave. All participants will receive a t-shirt, medal and goody bag after the race. Runners twenty-one and older can also enjoy a delicious post-race brew. To register for the race or to learn more, click here.



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