BankNewport: 10 Miler Race Day

How two Rhode Island Monthly editors made it to the finish line.

Views from Ocean Avenue at mile 2.

We did it, we did it, we finally did it! Yesterday Jamie Coelho and I crossed the finish line at the BankNewport 10 Miler and I have a smile, finishing time (and really sore legs) to prove it.

Two very happy finishers!

This is what race day looked like: I woke up at 5 a.m., drove to Jamie’s house (thanks for the Peanut butter toast!) hopped back in the car and made the way down to Fort Adams. After picking up our bib numbers, dropping our bags off at the bag check and getting to the starting line among hundreds of other people, we were on our way to officially running the race. It was 7:30 a.m.

Running on Bellevue Ave. with the mansions.

Not finishing the race was never an option for me, though this was the first time that I had ever run a distance longer than six miles. During the few months prior to training for the 10 miler, I watched the miles add up on the treadmill or on a tracking app on my phone. Although I hadn’t quite made it to the ten mile marker during that training time, the feeling of making it to ten miles for the first time yesterday felt like quite an accomplishment.

Having an encouraging running buddy, beautiful weather and the most picturesque views made for a perfect race day. The first two miles to Ocean Ave. were crowded with a large number of other runners, but once we got to mile four, people started to spread out a bit. By mile six, we were jogging down Bellevue past the mansions and were just over the half-way mark. Every two miles we briefly stopped to take a sip of water or gatorade, but decided that we wanted to run the entire time otherwise.

After a few blurry mid-running selfies, a whole lot of music streaming through our headphones and encouragement from people stuck in their cars waiting to get through the route, we turned back into Fort Adams for the final stretch of the race. The feeling of running through the fort and crossing the finish line is indescribable. I was glad to be done, but even more happy that I could check the first 10 miler of my list. We hung the finisher medals around our necks, stretched a bit and ate a post-race bagel before making our way over to the Ragged Island Brewing beer tent. A post-race brew that was hard earned, was the best way to end the mid-morning.

Editor Samantha Labrecque.

So, I can officially say that I did it! If I have any advice for those looking to participate in a race, well, just do it! Really. Train, go at your own pace and just enjoy what you are doing. Find someone who is willing to encourage you to reach your goal. Run with them and encourage them too. It’s truly amazing what your body can do when you work hard enough. The feeling when you cross the finish line is just amazing and is worth the work.

Editor Jamie Coelho mid-race.

Plus, you may get the running bug like me… I am already looking to run a half-marathon. And hey – what better way to work out than alongside 2,000 of your closest friends, all striving (and motivating one another) for the same goal? Well, nothing really!



BankNewport: 10 Miler Training

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