Back Roads Clothing: Give with the Shirt on Your Back

Back Roads Clothing company gives back to the state, one T-shirt at a time.

Every Rhode Islander knows where to get three all the way. It’s a phrase so synonymous with the Ocean State that Back Roads clothing company and its founder, Anne Berg, designed a shirt to honor the saying.

The company gives people an outlet to express their affection for little Rhody. “Rhode Island is a funky little place,” says Berg, and the T-shirts “celebrate what makes it that way.”

As a lifelong Rhode Islander, Berg wanted the tees to reflect our state’s “quirkiness” while giving back to “our neighbors.” One of the T-shirts, fittingly named “Hope,” is what Berg calls the “four letter word you wear.” Not only is the word our state motto, but it has also become a part of that Rhody spirit.

Back Roads also gives back to the state, one shirt at a time. They print their clothing locally, too. No matter which shirt you purchase, you will be supporting a local business and a good cause.

The “You Get What You Give Shirt” donates eight dollars from each purchase to the Providence Rescue Mission, which provides aid and support to Rhode Island’s homeless population.

You can find out more about Back Road’s signature Rhode Island T-shirts at