Stephanie Morales

Five Locally Minded Children’s Books

Whether it's a holiday theme or a CrossFit obsession, these kids books all have a local connection.

Here are some children’s books that highlight Rhode Island and/or are written by locals. With the holidays coming up, make sure to grab one of these and spread the Rhody love to your children!

The Weekly Weigh-In: Healthy alternatives to fruitcake? Yes please!

Plus, a raw milk recall in RI, U.S. runners are slowing down, a dance and drum class and more in health and wellness.

Thinkstock. Bored of that same old fruitcake you give out for the holidays? Reader’s Digest rounded up some healthy edible gift alternatives if you’re looking to veer off the traditional route of giving hard-as-rock fruitcake that won’t be eaten. As life around us moves exponentially faster, marathon runners in the U.S. are getting slower. Founder of CEO of Jens…

The Weekly Weigh-In: Your Pooch is Good For You

Plus, your blood pressure is probably higher than it should be, a gender gap in CPR, E. coli in Westerly and more in health and wellness.

Dog owners, rejoice: your pooch may actually be good for your health. A major scientific study uncovered a link between dog ownership and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in single households. While there is no concrete proof that your pup improves your heart health, dogs could alleviate loneliness, depression and get you to spend more time outdoors engaging…

Five Can’t-Miss Events: Nov. 23–29

A FEZ-tival of trees, shopping strolls on Block Island, the Nutcracker at Rosecliff and more fun things to do.

1. Island Moving Company’s The Nutcracker  Be a part of the classic holiday story, The Nutcracker, as you follow performers through Newport’s Rosecliff Mansion. Set within the salons and ballroom of the grandiose “house,” Rosecliff serves as the stunning backdrop throughout the recital. The one-of-a-kind ballet lets you go from room to room trailing the action, creating an interactive and engrossing…

Santa Claus is Coming to These 8 Spots

From Garden City Center to Wickford and Newport, Santa will arrive in style by boat, fire truck and horsedrawn carriage.

Here are some of the best places where you can pay him a visit to kick off the holiday season with the kids, who have hopefully been good, for goodness sake.

The Weekly Weigh-In: Is Healthy Fast Food a Myth or a Reality?

Plus, why sad music is so good, dessert hummus is now a thing, local turkey trots and more in health and wellness.

Thinkstock. Healthy, fast, casual dining is revolutionizing the food industry — but where did this trend emerge from, and is it here to stay? Industry insiders sound off on our changing cultural connection to food and make predictions on how much bigger this movement is going to get. Have you ever wondered why you can listen to sad songs over…

The Weekly Weigh-In: Is Ours an Age of Exhaustion?

Plus, the scoop on green powders, Memorial Hospital shutters its ER, oxymel is the new juice and more in health and wellness.

With long work hours, the pressure to look good on social media and to lead the “perfect life,” ours can seem like an age of exhaustion. This article examines the “age of exhaustion” and investigates to see if exhaustion is more widespread today than it ever has been before— the answer may surprise you. New age-y wellness tips are all…

Five Can’t-Miss Events: Nov. 9–15

Watch Scrooge have a change of heart, don your best cosplay, jam to psychedelic rock and more fun things to do.

1. A Christmas Carol Providence’s favorite family holiday tradition is back to delight audiences of all ages. Celebrating forty years at Trinity Rep, A Christmas Carol brings the story of Ebenezer Scrooge to life to tell Charles Dickens’ classic tale of an old grouch who learns a lesson when he’s whisked through time and space by three spirits. This year’s…

The Weekly Weigh-In: Eating By Yourself Might be Bad for Your Health

Plus, the dark side of the wellness revolution, a new spine center in Newport, a seminar on toxic masculinity and more in health and wellness.

Dining solo can be peaceful, practical and even fun. But a new study shows that eating alone too often could be linked to type two diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Has the trendy nature of wellness become, well, too selfish? Click here to find out how social media is playing a huge, possibly not-so-positive, role in the self-care revolution….