Mary Grady

Last Chance to Pick Up a Map at the Map Center

The eclectic little shop, which has been run by Andrew Nosal since 1981, is closing up, a victim of Google maps and online shopping.

Nosal has kept the store going against all odds, but says it’s time for it to close. He plans to explore his options and keep up some kind of map-related business, but that’s still in development.

PPL Library Card Catalog Becomes a Free Seed Bank

Libraries across the country have rediscovered their ancient card catalogs and found new uses for them.

Artfully assembled from dense hardwoods and hand-crafted brass fittings, suffused with the dust and wear of dozens of years of use by thousands of readers, the card catalog seemed as if it had always been there, a part of the landscape. Today, that landscape has evolved, and the card catalog is extinct.

Can We Keep Our Underwater Monument?

President Trump is calling for a review of twenty-four national monuments, including the underwater one 130 miles off New England's coast.

“All these different life zones are packed in a very small space, which makes this an outstanding opportunity for conservation.”

Giving for Free

Spend money on the Internet, help out local charities: It's a win, win.

Giving to charity is one of those things we all know we should do more of, especially this time of year, but we’re so busy, so slammed, so broke…. Now online shoppers have no excuse, because you can sign up for AmazonSmile and 0.5 percent of your spending will be donated to the charity of your choice — at no…

Urban Wildlife Exhibit Opens For Community Day

Get up close and personal with the city's mammals, birds and invertebrates at this new show in Providence.

Urban dwellers might not think of their neighborhoods as home to wildlife, but in fact plenty of animals, from hawks to deer to great blue herons, are commonly found in cities. That’s the focus of a new Urban Wildlife exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in Roger Williams Park, which opens Saturday, November 19.     “As I’ve gotten…

Kim Trusty Celebrates Female Jazz Greats

The special performance will be at Aurora on September 18.

Courtesy of Kim Trusty's Facebook page   The brilliant female jazz singers of the past — Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, and Etta James — may be well known to music lovers of a certain age, but Kim Trusty wants to be sure their legacy lives on. "That’s what this show is all about," Trusty says. "I’m…

Explore Wildlife Close Up at Roger Williams Park

Learn to draw animals and birds with a hands-on lesson working with preserved specimens from the vaults of the Museum of Natural History at Roger Williams Park.

Artists know that the best way to get to know a tree, or a bird, or a landscape is to draw it. The act of drawing forces us to pay attention, to connect, to create a bond between ourselves and whatever it is we’re studying. But if you want to draw wild animals and birds, it’s hard to get them…

How Clean is Narragansett Bay?

Hundreds of millions have been spent on improvements.

At Conimicut Point Park, a humble little patch of grass and dunes hidden behind an old Warwick neighborhood, you can stand at the very tip of a sandy point, with a beach stretching behind you to either side and the classic Conimicut Lighthouse right in the middle of the bay before you. This spot is a dividing point: To your…

4 Ways You Can Help Save Narragansett Bay

Everyone can help pitch in to clean up our bay, and it all starts with signing this petition.

Rhode Islanders love Narragansett Bay — we name beer and cheese and cafes after it, we stroll along its shores, we sail on it and swim in it. But our proximity to the bay hasn’t always been great for the bay. We’ve used it as a dumping site, destroyed its underwater ecosystems with dredging, depleted the oysters, fish and lobsters,…