Leah Kiernan

Looking to Eat Healthy?

Take this list with you to the grocery store.

This article was first published online on September 9, 2016. Dairy Calcium-fortified soy milk Good for: muscles, heart, bones Many people who are lactose intolerant turn to soy milk. Because of the added calcium, this drink has the same benefits as milk — plenty of calcium and protein, not to mention it contains no cholesterol, which is beneficial to those…

Top Ten Takeaway: The New Hampshire Primary

A political newbie shares the best — and weirdest — moments of the New Hampshire primary.

A week before the New Hampshire primary, I went with a group of students to see what it's like to be the first in the nation. It was clear as soon as we got there that both candidates and New Hampshire citizens take this title seriously. Candidates hosted up to five events per day, and citizens attended as many events…